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100 Burpees A Day for A Year

Look what burpees can do. To some of you it is a difficult exercise; whereas, to some of you who are familiar with it, it can be relatively easy. Nevertheless, it is a challenging movement. The message here is simple—persistence. Performing a single movement day in and day out can produce magnificent results.

She performed 100 burpess for one year, as that was the challenge that she took up. At a later stage, she also says that she executed burpees by integrating other exercises. You can also see in the video a picture of an obese Nikki, and the transformation that took place. The one and only component that stands out is her hard work and consistency, and in one year she loses oodles of weight. This 40 year old mother is genuinely a hallmark of consistency.

Lastly, it is not burpees alone that will do the trick, but hard work does. I am, however, not dis-reputing the result burpees can bring forth. I am asking you to have a broader perspective.

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  1. Do they mean ONLY 100 Burpees a day for 100 days (3months 10days) would reduce about 15kgs of body weight? If yes, is it safe to do it at home? Does it require any preconditioning of body?

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