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What, is he a Grandfather?

Friends, do forgive me for the delayed response. I was held up with some other work.
Now, let me make an attempt to remove the Monday blues. The adjoining video features a 70 year old grand father and his skills on the pull up bar.
Those of you who have questioned me whether oldies can get into physical training? Here is the answer. One of the best way to stay young is to be physically active. As the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci had rightly said, “Inaction saps the vigor of your mind.”
Don’t allow your body to decay, as one among the seven grand daddy laws ( the 7 principles used as a guideline in charting out a workout regime) states that if you don’t use it you will lose it.
Enjoy the video.

One thought on “What, is he a Grandfather?

  1. Pretty impressive record for his kind of age. In return, I would like this amazing story of one Jeanne Liebermann who defied age by her extraordinary feats that she achieved in her life. She started learning martial arts (Judo) at the age of 63 and got her black belt at 68 ! And that was not all – She went on to master other martial arts such a Aikido and Kung Fu, finally to top it mastered the art of Yoga at the age of 92 !!!

    You can check more about her below:

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