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12 Systems Of The Human Body And Strength Training Continued…….

Lymphatic system

“The lymphatic system is basically a filtration system that filters debris and toxins from our blood vessels.  It’s also the housing station for our white blood cells, which are extremely important to fight disease and illness.  Exercise and movement help to stimulate the fluid and drainage of the lymphatic system.   In other words, when we move more, the lymphatic system works better.  When we are more sedentary, the lymphatic system needs to work harder.  More improvement means improved efficiency of the lymphatic system because it helps the filtration process.”

Scott’s verdict:  “Yes.”

My rational:   I am unheard of this.  It might need further research to endorse the views of Scott.

Immune system

“The immune system is a functional system that protects the body via immune responses.  It is compromised of the spleen, thymus, lymph node, and bone marrow.  This amazing and important system is strengthened by being active and exercising.  Too much exercise, however, can be detrimental and overly stress the immune system.  This can occur in states of overreaching or overtraining.”

Scott’s verdict:  “Yes.”

My rational:  Yes, of course!  My immunity was weak when I was in school and college.  For instance, I would fall sick very often, and my lungs would get infected easily.  It would result in cough and fever.  However, now after several years of strength training I rarely fall sick.  In fact, I rarely use antibiotics when I fall ill; whereas, earlier whenever I was ailing a dose of antibiotics was only the way to recover.   Eating healthy has some contribution to strengthen the immune system.  However, I feel physical activity is a greater contributor than consuming a healthy diet.  My mentor, Todd Reinhard, too endorses the same view.

Respiratory system

“The respiratory system (our lungs) is the center for our ability to breathe properly and efficiently.  This system keeps blood supplied with oxygen and thereby removes carbon dioxide from our system.  The respiratory system is our ability to have efficient gas exchange for high performance and for daily living.  Depending on the type of resistance exercise you do and providing you have learned to breathe or ventilate properly, strength training, will certainly improve the function and performance of the respiratory system.

Metabolic conditioning (Metcon) exercise and protocols for example, high intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to improve aerobic capacity.”

Scott’s verdict:  “Yes.”

My rational:   Yes, I agree.  You don’t believe me!  No problem.  Perform a bout of HIIT drills and then answer me.  Your lungs will scream for more oxygen.  In other words, a bout of HIIT performed often forces your lungs to function at its best.

Nervous system

“The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.  These are 2 distinct systems as the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS).  The brain and spinal cord are the CNS, and everything else in the nervous system belongs to the PNS.  Strength training is truly a neurological process in which the nervous system is stimulated to a high degree to recruit motor units.  Strength, movement, motor control, myelination, and technical proficiency are developed through processes in the nervous system.”

Scott’s verdict: “Yes.”

My rational:  I better believe it. Ha!  I have a neurological degenerative genetic disorder called cerebral ataxia, and my doctor believes that strength training is reducing the rate of deterioration.   He suggested me these findings when he saw my brain MRI, as the degeneration of the affected area is worse but apparently not visible in me.  The doctor is forced to believe that the degradation of the brain though worse is not apparent, as I am leading a physically vigorous lifestyle.

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