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12 Systems Of The Human Body And Strength Training

One of the several ways I attempt to enhance my knowledge on fitness science is by reading books.  However, I don’t keep that to myself, for I discuss with you through my blog, and the added benefit when I write and ruminate about it is that it makes a permanent impression in my mind.

I am now reading a book titled The edge of strength by Scott Iardella.  In one of the chapters he speaks about the 12 systems of the human body and how they react to strength training.  I hope this will nudge you to understand that lifting weights can positively affect you beyond aesthetics and getting strong.

On a similar note, the well-known benefits of strength training are several.  However, I will name a few health benefits which include:

  Increased resting metabolic rate

Improved glucose metabolism

Improved blood lipid profiles

Reduces resting blood pressure

Improved bone mineral density


Scott in his book further explores on twelve systems of the human body and explains how strength training exactly benefits each one of them.

Now, it’s time for some biology.  The twelve systems of the human body are:

The integumentary system

The skeletal system

The muscular system

The lymphatic system

The immune system

The respiratory system

The nervous system

The endocrine system

The cardiovascular system

The digestive system

The urinary system

The reproductive system

I will quote what Scott says about the relation between strength training and the above systems, and then provide my rational.  I believe 18 years of strength training experience and 15 plus years of studying the field provides me the know how to discuss what the author says.

To be continued…………….

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