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The Weighted Cart.

I am glad to state that we have one more valuable addition to our training arsenal at the gym: The Weighted Cart, which we relish operating on Fridays. As you can watch in the video, weighted plates can be mounted on the cart, and also 6 to 7 individuals can sit on it at once. Though it works similar to the prowler, it encompasses many other significant fitness components.
The advantage of working on a cart wheel is threefold: Firstly, it acts as very good conditioning tool; secondly, it taxes the quadriceps tremendously, and last but not the least it demands extreme strength and power to move the cart wheel when it is fully loaded. So, we see that the cart wheel is an amalgamated tool of strength, power, speed, and conditioning.
I personally love this piece of equipment, for after all these years of lifting experience and studying fitness science you would surely want to discard the unwanted and embrace the ones which give the biggest bang for the buck.
It is now time to enjoy the video.

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