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Paul Anderson: Wonder OF Nature.

Paul Anderson was born on October 17, 1932 and died on August 15, 1994. He was 61 years old when he passed away. As a child, Anderson suffered from Bright’s Disease, a kidney disorder, and eventually died from kidney disease. He was a weightlifter, strongman, and a power lifter. The Russians called him the “Wonder of nature.”

Paul Anderson, as a member of the United States sports team visited Russia and had trounced their champion in the year 1955. Paul destroyed the previous world record of 360 pounds by pressing 402.5 pounds and jerking 425.5 pounds. From then on the Russians dubbed him “The strongest man who ever lived.” He also won the Olympic gold medal in Melbourne, Australia in 1956.

While training, Paul relied on power movements such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and partial movements to develop his huge size and super-human strength. At a time when the world record was around 650, Anderson was squatting 900 pounds for repetitions in exhibitions. He eventually squatted 1160 before a national television audience.

I had read his story several times and wanted to share about him, but due to reasons unknown I had overlooked to write about him. It is better late than never.

Best Lifts

Bench: 627 pounds

Squat: 1206 pounds

Deadlift: 820 pounds, he pulled a massive 1000 pounds using metal hooks attached to his wrists. This assisted deadlift was witnessed by Tommy Kono

Clean and Jerk: 480 pounds, unofficial

Push Press: 600 pounds, witnessed by Bob Hise

One Arm Press: 380 pounds, 300 pounds for ten reps; this 380 pound lift was the greatest lift ever lifted overhead with one arm; both were witnessed by Paul Magistratte

Backlift: 6270 pounds, witnessed by Kara Whitfield and Maurice Payne, included in the Guinness Book of World Records

PS: You can very well view in the below (second) training video that Paul, as stated above, did train with partial movements.

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