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Old Age and Being Fit and Healthy Can Go Hand in Hand

Are you getting old? You think you shouldn’t exercise? Stop thinking so. Watch this video. Your thinking might change. As I always say—persistence pays. So, what is stopping you? Just get moving.

Moreover, listen to the man’s words. If you follow the suggestions he provides, you will lead a life of vibrant health. His routine is simple. Nothing fancy—no fluff. Leonardo Da Vinci says, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I believe this man is a living example of what the great painter says. To summarize his workouts, it is running, swimming, pull-ups, sit-ups, pushups, and some weight training. To top it all, he continues to eat healthy. You are not going to believe that he is 61 years old. As he says, “It is definitely not genetics.”

So, do you want to look young and be energetic? Start exercising regularly and eat healthy.

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