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Inspiring Stuart Jamieson

The man in the video is Stuart Jamieson. He was born with spina bifida(congenital disorder), scoliosis(curved spine), kyphosis(exaggerated rounding of the back), and diastematomyelia(congenital disorder). If you look at the video, I believe you can fathom his condition. Moreover, doctors didn’t expect him to sit up as a child and live for more than 2 years.

Let’s now fast forward 20 years. Stuart is now a British Classic Powerlifting champion. You will see him deadlift 225 kilograms in a recent meet. The body weight of the champ is a mere 59 kilograms. He has deadlifted a whopping weight which is more than three times his bodyweight. That is immensely inspiring considering his physical condition.

I believe this is a story of great determination and grit. Moreover, this man nudges me not to succumb to my unstable gait, which is a degenerative genetic disorder that is causing me trouble. For example, my instability has increased to an extent where I cannot hold more than 80 kilograms for my squat–I become very unstable. In other words, I am all over the place.

However, it’s time for me not to complain. As I can clearly see that is this man writes his own destiny. As Ross Enamait says, “No one knows exactly what can be achieved until it has happened.” Also as Stuart himself says, “I want to show that regardless of what we may be labeled as – disability, age, race, gender – we all control what life we lead and what we can achieve.”

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