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Stephen Jepson

This 74 year old man is Stephen Jepson well known for neverleavetheplayground.  He is guest speaking at the movement camp in Phuket, Thailand.  The movement camp is a one full week workshop and activity camp hosted by none other than Ido Portal, which is on schedule now.

You will also see in the video that he plays with the monkey bar.  Did I say the monkey bar?  Yeah, you heard it right.  Thank God!  We do have a monkey bar at Ironcult.  However, I know that it is difficult to bring the play concept in a commercial setup—gym.  Nevertheless, playing is paramount, for the evolved animal kind likes to play.  I constantly research to bring in the concept of play in the gym. Read more to know more about why play is primary.

The monkey bar in play at Ironcult.


Below are a few nuggets that Stephen says about why movement is fundamental.

“We grow new brain cells right until we die.”

“Doing new physical stuff with your body is the supercharge way to build new brain cells.”

“Walking is considered exercise today. IT USED TO BE A FORM OF TRAVEL [yelled in loud wake-up-call voice].”

“Getting better at new movements does not matter. You improve just by trying.”

I believe the last statement where he says, “you improve just by trying” is so powerful.  Indeed, this man is inspiring.

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