Stay Focused

This is Srikanth Abhishek.  He is one of my gym clients who frequents Ironcult since one year or so.  As the picture says he gains a whopping 30 kilograms of body weight.  Although when he came to Ironcult he was 63 kilos, which means that he had already gained the bulk of weight in the gym he trained earlier.  However, the subsequent 10 kilograms of body weight he attained at Ironcult.  Moreover, as you should know the initial weight gain or  loss is relatively easier than what we gain or lose in the later stage.  In other words, losing fat, say, from twenty percent body fat to fifteen percent body fat is easier than losing any further—achieving single digit body fat percentage is  even more challenging.  At the same time, gaining weight—muscle mass is easy, initially; whereas, the weight you gain at a later stage ironically, if not planned rightfully, is more fat than muscle.

Nonetheless, Abhishek still continues to grow.  All the weight he gains so far, fortunately, is almost muscular weight.  He credits that to the level 2 routine (majority of them are compound movements) that we operate in the gym.  Similarly, I would like to say to the teenagers who visit my gym—you have to eat big and lift big to get big.  There is no secret technique to success.  You have to eat plenty of food—protein, more importantly, and try to lift big weights periodically.  However, don’t ever lift big compromising your technique.  If you execute these fundamentals you have no other way but to grow big.  Last but not the least, Abhishek’s story is an inspiration to the present generation.   As Abhishek says, “Stay Focused.” Ironically, the present generation lacks the will to stay focused.


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