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Top 5 Tips To Lose Fat

Top 5 Tips to lose fat and keep it at bay in a healthy way.

1)  The first and foremost factor that comes to my mind after involving in 17 years of resistance training is PROTEIN.   I know you might tend to neglect this, but, I believe, and all the nutritionists will universally agree with what I say.  Protein helps in building muscle.  It also possesses a thermo genic (fat burning) effect, and helps importantly in curbing the appetite.

  • 2) Resistance training, for example weight training, goes hand in hand with protein.  You require some kind of resistance (overload) to grow your muscles.  The more muscle you possess the more metabolically active you are; leading to more calories burnt.  A higher (active) metabolic rate is paramount to burn more fat.
  • 3) Generally people consume excess of carbohydrates—especially whole grains such as rice, wheat, jowar, etc. You should know that whole grains are jam packed with calories.  They can provide you the energy but excess carbs lead to excess calories and that leads to excess insulin production leading to excess fat gain.
  • 4)  Last but not the least; you have to eliminate junk food. A small piece of Chocolate or a pizza is packed with unhealthy calories.  They also possess unhealthy fats—hydrogenated vegetable oil and Trans fat.  They are also the major cause for heart diseases.
  • 5)  You have to reduce your caloric intake gradually.  However, the calorie deficit can occur if you work out, for physical activity burns calories.  Please note that if you want to cut your caloric intake do that on a very gradual basis, as huge caloric cut can slow down your metabolic rate.  Nonetheless, at some point of time the eventual reality is you will have cut your calories.

After all these years of physical training and studying nutrition I am coerced to believe in these tangible sources to  majorly cause  fat loss.


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