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Strongman Workouts At Ironcult

As I said, strongman workouts have been an integral part in the fat loss program that we are operating in the gym.   Only a selected few of them are eligible for these workouts.  First and foremost, you need a very strong core to endure the load that is directed on you.  Strongman workouts are one of the quickest ways to lose fat and gain muscle.  Moreover, one of my gym clients who performed these workouts expressed that he immediately observed fat loss.  You should know that strongman workouts heavily tax your body and due to the heavy demand on the nervous system these workouts are done sparingly—one or twice a week.

Tyre, prowler, yoke, sand bag, etc—are all an important tool for the strongman workouts.  Since most of the moves are operated outdoor it surely is invigorating.  You can see my gym clients executing these movements in the below pictures.


DSC_0555[1]DSC_0554[2]DSC_0575[1] DSC_0567[1]

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