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My Companion

This is the first book I had bought 17 years ago—Muscle Building For Beginners.  I had bought this when I thought lifting weights will help me to improve my health—immune system.  I had suffered few years of depression due to IBS—irritable bowel syndrome.  In the meantime, I had become a voracious reader, and thought books would guide me in the right direction.  So, they did!  Yes, books have been one of my greatest companions.

However, I thought that I had lost this book among the humongous collection of books I possess.  On a similar note, my cupboard which  hoarded all my books—most of them being fitness and nutrition related, novels, biographies, autobiographies, nonfiction, etc—has gone for a toss.  It was severely infected by termites.  The termites as you know gobble up the books.  I had to abandon the cupboard and relocate the books..

Since I am short of space now, I decided to place all the books in my study room.  Moreover, my daughter made a mess out of it, as she started digging the books she needed from the lot.  Did I digress?  I hope not.  However, Muscle Building For Beginners brought some sweet memories, but I could sense an air of melancholy.  It’s a sweet small book, but it answers all the basic questions a beginner to weightlifting would encounter.

Below are the pictures of the book titled Muscle building For Beginners and the heap of books I proudly own.

IMG_7870[1] IMG_7871[1]

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  1. Hi Vishwa,

    On a lighter note, check the termites out. Maybe after going through your books they must themselves have gained a good appetite for knowledge and strength!

    Anand 😉

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