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240 Kilos Squat.

I am posting a video of my friend, Sujay, who has squatted 240 kilos at his gym.  240 kilos is very very huge.  By the way, Sujay is 34 years old and weighs 94 kilos and has been training for 12 years.  Since one year he is keenly working on the power-lifts.  He has integrated a few ideas regarding the power-lifts from the training files of Louie Simmons, who is regarded as one of the best in producing world class power-lifters in US.

He sent me the adjoining video two days ago.  I believe, this feat was accomplished last week, for he emailed me today and said that he was successful in squatting 250 kilos for the first time.  I will post the video of him squatting 250 kilos as soon as I receive the filming.

Enjoy the video and do wish him the best to accomplish more strength feats in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “240 Kilos Squat.

  1. Woah…INSANE!!!!what a guy!!!
    Do you know wht kinda workouts he does? functional or body building? 94 kgs is quite heavy. how tall is he?
    is this in Bangalore?

  2. As I have stated, he is mainly into powerlifts, which I believe is functional. He is 5.6 in height. He is from Bangalore.

  3. Amazing. I can squat 100 Kg for 3×5 but my form is absolutely horrible (mainly knees coming in ). Is it possible for you to help me fix my form , I am too far from your gym to be a regular member. Do I have any other options ?

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