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A Brief Note On The Importance Of A Training Log.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • May 2, 2011

Since I spoke about progressive resistance in the previous blog entries, it is important to keep track of your workouts in a book, for you can precisely recount whether you have progressed or not. Jotting down the routines will help you to reflect and introspect on the workouts, for it clearly indicates about your shortcomings and growth. The shortcomings of a workout has many forms such as workout stagnation leading to no progression whatsoever, injuries, boredom, etc. It also indicates where you have faltered. What is the cause of the injury?
When it comes to progress and growth, you can clearly make-out whether you are in the right direction. For example, you are able to lift more weights, or perform more repetitions. In addition, you can always go back to see what you did exactly to come out of the pitfall and lookout for ways to progress further than stall. How you helped yourself in overcoming the short coming? How exactly you dealt with the injury you came across? What components helped you to come out of the rut?
Day in and day out if you perform the same routine without making any progress, you would succumb soon; whereas, progression is all about overcoming the resistance.

So, do carry your journal with you. A training journal acts as a course which you should try to tread in the right direction. There are going to be many instances where you will be lost, but whenever you seem to be lost you have to reach for your journal and look for a way out.

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