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A Grain of Salt


I quote Yuri Marmerstein who is a performer, hand balance and movement teacher based out of Las Vegas.  He says, “I tell people I teach all the time that they are welcome to take anything I say with a grain of salt.

Sure, I’ve acquired some knowledge over the years, but that does not make me the ultimate authority on anything.


The truth is that this applies to all things. I’m very much in favor of second opinions.


Don’t take what anyone says at 100% of its value… Until you find out the meaning behind it and how it applies to you individually.”

These words remind me of what Todd Reinhard, my mentor, had said to me about things in general.  He always said to me that no matter if you think anybody is stating the ultimate truth take a grain of salt.  Don’t ever surrender completely.

On the same note, Perhaps, I have read numerous books on fitness science and nutrition.  I may have also interacted with  peers and masters of this trade. However, that doesn’t suggest that I am the authority.  For the same reason, I don’t make sweeping statements about nutrition and physical exercise.  It is foolish of me to pigeonhole these things.  Each man will envision about a concept/thing/subject in his own way.

If anybody, for example, is suggesting that so and so is the ideal way to eat and exercise, he is lying.  Period.  Don’t believe him.  And if you think somebody is stating the truth, you believe him, but always take a grain of salt.

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