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A Mesomorph

A mesomorph is easily recognized among many people. They are the genetically gifted individuals. They are strong, exhibit low levels of body fat, and possess impressive muscular development even prior to training. Their thick, wide bone structure is more conducive to building muscle. It gives them the added advantage in strength and power sports such as football, wrestling, and Olympic lifting. According to Sheldon, most mesomorphs are outgoing, adventurous individuals with action oriented mentalities.

The mesomorph body type respond very well to weight training. Given that they consume the right amount of calories to induce muscular growth they grow like weeds. However, the mesomorphs gain fat easily than ectomorphs. This means that they must watch their caloric intake.

I am not suggesting that you cannot beat your genetic predisposition. However, it may be wise on your part to understand your genetic traits and tackle it fittingly. I have posted a picture of the three body types. It surely helps you to provide a clear view.

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