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A New Add-on.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • October 20, 2010

I received a pair of fat gripz and a pair of grip force from a friend of mine who bought them for me from the US. It is now time to work on forearms popped up like Popeye. These gripping devices can be fixed to any barbell, dumbbell, pullup bar, etc. Deadlift, clean and press, bicep work, farmers walk, and many more exercises can be performed with the help of these grips. Above all, they are very accessible, so it is easy to clamp them to a bar and at the same time easy to remove them. I tried doing pull ups and bicep curl( I rarely do bicep work) and really felt my forearms screaming for help. The crazy pump was easily visible. Even as I type these words I can feel my forearms worked up well. I also could see many of my clients who were all enjoying working out with the grips. Since Thursday is usually a deadlift day, I will try doing the king lift with the grips on.

Below are few pictures of the grips I happen to capture in the gym. You can see in one of the picture where the grips are clamped to a dumbbell.

2 thoughts on “A New Add-on.

  1. Indeed these grips are really good and i could feel the pain till now( its evening now).
    As mentioned we did back exercise today using fat gripz clamped on, guys you should try it out anyways Vishwa will make you DO IT .

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