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A New Add-on.

The Gymboss interval trainer is here at Ironcult. We have been executing high intensity interval training (HIIT) drills for a longtime. We have had tremendous success performing these drills to lose fat and improve one’s General physical preparedness (GPP). Many of the above mentioned drills are timed employing various protocols, for example, Tabata intervals. And Gymboss interval trainer performs a fine job in recording the timed interval, for it indicates the required interval with a beep (alarm). The beep suggests us to start, stop, or rest depending on the routine.
Enjoy viewing the pictures.

2 thoughts on “A New Add-on.

  1. I had heard and read about this. But am glad Vishwa you managed to get it in!!
    Well do let me know how good is the beep sound on your friday drill days?
    .i.e in an open environment

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