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A Story Well Told By Brooks Kubik.

A newsletter from Brooks Kubik was sent to my email inbox. I thought of sharing its content with you, for the take-home message is very important. Also, Brooks way of explaining things with the help of a parable is quite interesting.

The story dates back to many decades ago when Kubik was 11 years old. He joins the Boy Scouts and becomes extremely passionate about it. He made a a long list of gear from the order catalog. He packs the long list of gear. He trips, and almost falls to the ground. The back pack gets very heavy. After the weekend, when the camping was over, he had realized that he had used a mere five percent of the stuff he had lugged around.

The Scout Master then reveals the secret to the boy scouts about packing things. To remove the items from the back pack and to arrange them in three piles. He says, “The first pile will consist of unused things.” As the Master had judged, it turned out to be the biggest pile. He then states, “The second pile will consist of once-used things.” As he had suggested, that too turned out to be a fairly big pile. About the third pile he says, “It is the stuff used more than once.” To the chagrin of the boy scouts, the third pile does indeed turn out to be a small pile. And then he says, “The next time you go for camping, just take the things from pile number three.” And that’s what they did the next time.

The moral of the story equally applies to strength training:

You don’t need many different

You don’t need to perform endless sets
and repetitions.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours
at the gym.

The important thing is QUALITY TRAINING–working hard and heavy on the
important exercises and then stopping, going
home, and getting rested for your next workout.

Less is more. Do less–do it better.

I hope you got the take-home message. Your training has to be qualitative not quantitative. Focus on the important lifts. The results will be unbelievable.

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  1. A very nice story Sir! Thank you for sharing it with the world. One must concentrate on quality training than on quantity training. It is good to repeat certain important exercises, rather than trying out every other exercise & claim to have done a better work-out; which I would say was an incomplete task. Once, when an individual has mastered the technique of paying attention to quality & not quantity, he/she could gradually seep into the area of quality-quantity training. But to begin with & for good results, quality is considered mandatory when compared to quantity.
    Happy doing ‘less-better’ work-outs Sir!

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