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A Thought for the Day

If you want to associate with a fitness routine join a group session, for example a gym, the success rate is increased. The chance of you sustaining or performing frequent physical exercise routines is greater. It is lesser when you perform alone.

Some factors that come into play:

Motivation: You might meet many likeminded men or women who hit the gym. They share their success stories and that invigorates you to perform better.

Regularity: You see that your gym co-members frequent the gym regularly. It nudges you to come to the gym punctually. Your conscience will question your absence.

Sense of belonging: If you join a gym a sense of belonging with the gym and co-members exist. Your co-member, coach, or your gym partner will not like your absence. They will never like you to abandon your goals. If you alone involve in a fitness routine the motivation may be missing. You will need the strongest of will to continue to work out if you are alone.

Brace up folks! Work out regularly. You will never regret.

2 thoughts on “A Thought for the Day

  1. Thumbs up Sir! I agree with you totally! It requires a great deal of will power to work out regularly. I’m telling this because I’m experiencing it. However, if I join a gym, I wouldn’t want to be irregular because of various other engagements, so I’m taking time to prioritize my routines and eventually join a gym as soon as possible! Working out regularly is indeed the best routine I’ve had in the days when I hit the gym regularly! 🙂

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