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A Thought-Provoking Book.

I have picked up the excerpt below from the book Exuberant Animal written by, Frank Forencich. It has made a lasting impression on me. That being the case, I have read the following passage several times. I must also say that I am enjoying reading the book. The author has provided an entirely different perspective on fitness.

He says, “Of course, many of us are reluctant to enter the brush. In today’s hyper-rational world, linear sequences are taken as evidence of ultimate knowledge and professional expertise. We expect people to lay down their ideas in linear patterns with distinct rankings, hierarchy and above all, order. But, as we are beginning to discover, neither evolution nor good ideas work this way. Good ideas don’t proceed from point to point in sequential fashion; they split and splinter, branch and divide, just like species do. Simple ideas may sprout a few branches, but really good ideas become exceptionally bushy, generating thousands of conceptional sprouts that continue to grow as the discipline becomes ever richer.”

I endorse what Forencich states in his book. As far as I know, growth doesn’t always occur in a linear fashion. For example, in learning any discipline, progress doesn’t proceed from point-to-point. In the process of learning the discipline, we stumble upon many other nuances of that discipline. And such subtleties do not progress in a linear fashion. But nevertheless they enrich us. At many stages of learning we may hit a plateau that leads to frustration. If one is strictly looking from a linear progress little or no progress maybe detected. When we persevere in the discipline we eventually become better at it.

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  1. At first – Happy New Year Sir!
    Any information that provokes our thinking is considered good piece of knowledge! Being meticulous does no harm to us but streaming our thoughts & ideas does create an invisible restriction around us. We should learn to imbibe the art of branching out our thoughts & actions in a positive way; & this would certainly help us to become accessible enough to gaining knowledge from all aspects! Systematized life is required but that is not the only aspect of life!

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