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A Wonderful Take Home Message

I believe George Carlin has summed it up very well. George Carlin was a stand-up comedian and a writer. You may ask me why this write-up is presented in a fitness blog. Well, leading a fitness lifestyle not only applies to your physical body but also to other aspects of your life.

I believe the present generation is overwhelmed by the aforementioned beliefs of Carlin. The western/American lifestyle that has been imbibed by many other nations is in the impression that more is better. This reminds me of what Leo Tolstoy says in his magnum opus War and Peace. He says, “That man was created for happiness, and happiness lies within, in the satisfaction of natural human needs, and any unhappiness arises from the excess rather than deficiency.” I hope you have the wherewithal to comprehend the message of both Tolstoy and Carlin.

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