Born To Run

Born To Run is a book written by Christopher McDougall. I will recommend reading it if you treat running as a form of exercise. This book not only motivates you but also contains plenty of scientific data on why you should embrace running.
Caballo Blancho is the main character in this book. If you read the book you will know the mystery behind The White Horse a.k.a Caballo Blancho and why he embraced the lifestyle of Tarahumara Indians. You will also come across many other interesting real-life characters like Scott Jurek, Barefoot Ted, Jenn and Billy. This book immortalizes the above mentioned characters.

Go and get the book. You will not stop till you complete reading it.

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Watch the author of the book here.

Watch Caballo Blancho here.

PS: Caballo Blancho unfortunately died on Saturday the 31st of March. He was 58 years old.

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