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Absolute Oxymoron!

An irregular client sometimes visits the gym.  Ironically, he is also a notorious drunkard.  It’s difficult for me to relate to him, for I only drink on occasions.   However, I see that it’s common to people to do binge drink on the weekends.  I understand that the pressure at the office during the week can be intense, and this leads people to chill-out on the weekends.   This person in particular has gone to the extreme, and has become a habitual drinker.

He visited the gym after a long hiatus.  He had ordered a bucket of whey protein.  His friend who had visited Singapore was buying a 5 pound box of whey protein, on his request.  The reason to get the box of whey from Singapore was that it was less expensive.  Importantly, he also would obtain a genuine product.  Several fake whey companies have sprouted in India.  Hence buying whey in India can be risky.

He showed the product and asked me about its quality.  It was from a reputable company.    He was visibly relieved when I told him that the product was indeed genuine.   He then asked me, “Are there any side effects of consuming whey?”   My jaw dropped!  I was in for a shock!  Here was a long time alcoholic whose liver by now had been severely affected, and he was questioning about the side effects of whey.  Absolute oxymoron!  I laughed in his face.

I asked him about his drinking habit and why it was that he wasn’t worried about the side effects of excessive alcohol abuse.  He understood his mistake and laughed at himself. This also speaks loudly about people in general.  Several of you possess many obnoxious habits like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, dropping acid, etc.  Yet you question about the side effects of any of these health inducing practices.  It’s laughable!   It’s ridiculous! Think before you ask your question.

This reminds me of a quote:



This was posted in my gym whatSapp group by a cardiologist, who frequents the gym.  It didn’t make sense to me, as I couldn’t relate to it.  However, when my drunkard gym client asked about the side effects of whey protein, I recalled this message and it started to ring a bell. I can now imagine how awkward doctors would feel when they encounter similar situations.


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