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After Burn Effect.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 15, 2011

A client of mine asked me, “What is afterburn? What exercises give this effect?” If I am correct Alwyn Cosgrove is the man responsible to coin the word. He has penned a book on the afterburn effect. After burn exercises are simply high intensity exercises performed in such a way that metabolic disturbance is created in the body, which helps tremendously with burning fat.
I am an advocate for performing high intensity calisthenics for fat burning. These body movements are executed at an extremely rapid pace, and thereby provides the body with an an extreme challenge. Perhaps the protocol I adopt deviates a little from what Cosgrove suggests, but the metabolic disturbance can be created in many ways. For example, Cosgrove states that a after burn routine can be performed using by any cardiovascular machine either after the weight training workouts or on separate days. I usually prefer these workouts to be done on separate days, and I don’t indulge in cardiovascular machines. But, anyhow, I cannot rule out the possibility of performing a high intense finisher after the weight training session.

High intense exercise or after burn exercise:

1) A weight training session itself can be performed with high intensity either by supersetting or compounding the set.

2) Sprints can be performed with regular rest intervals for several rounds.

3) Performing high intensity calisthenics for several rounds.

4) Performing a high intense finisher after weight training or after performing HIIT.

All the above stated exercises are few methods to provide the after burneffect. One who is interested in losing fat should center their workouts using the above stated protocols.

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