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Age is Just A Number

You should know that I am an ardent admirer of Ross Enamait,  Todd Reinhard, my mentor, introduced me to Ross and his workouts several years ago.  Till date I am hooked to Ross’s philosophy of working out.  Moreover, I have read all the books that he has authored, watched all his featured DVD’s, and read his inspirational blog often.  However, off late, since 6 months I hadn’t read his blog, for  I have immersed myself in learning some gymnastic skills that Steve Atlas,, has been teaching me.

Nonetheless, today I thought of checking out his blog.  As I was browsing through many of the videos that he posts in the blog, I ironically found this gem.  It is an irony, for the 80 year old man who is featured in the video is from Karnataka, but I get to know about his physical prowess from Ross.

However, this 80 year old man is an inspiration and a  prime example to state that age is just a number.  I believe it’s high time we realize that many health impacts of aging are due to inactivity—not getting old.  George Bernard Shaw rightly says, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Watch the video.

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