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Age Is Just A Number

If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.  I am sure most of us who are leading a fitness lifestyle realize its paramountness and think that age is just a number.  Moreover, you use it or lose it.  It means if you don’t use your body it’s going to perish sooner or later.

In the video you can see an old woman deadlift a whopping 100 kilograms for 3 repetitions.   However, know that when you lead a fitness lifestyle most of the old age diseases that can hamper your mobility and strength can be kept at bay.  So, a fitness lifestyle is a preventive measure which you will never regret if you embrace it.

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  1. one of the most useful write me-ups. It set aside so many of my my own misgivings on exercising, especially after having given it up for months now. It is inspirational and motivating–I promised myself after reading it that I will begin moving my body, without fear of pain, from tomorrow. It is never too late…. that’s what it conveys. Thank you Vishwantar.

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