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Aging Gracefully.

Well, allow me to wind up this week’s note on the aging factor. My message is the same: Use it or lose it. The man in the video is celebrating his 73rd birthday. He could have very well chosen a life of inactivity, but he chose the other way. And he seems to have reaped excellent benefit for leading an active lifestyle. He has used his body the right way, so his body has given him back the much needed health, fitness, and longevity, for it is all about aging gracefully.
The man in the video started performing pull ups at the age 40. His idea was very simple, and he didn’t fancy doing some out of the box routine thinking that it would skyrocket his strength. On the contrary, he simply tried to out beat his previous record. He stuck to that plan and you can clearly view the result, and ask yourself how many pull ups can you perform?

It is now time for you to enjoy the video.

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