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Akshay Kumar Has Done the Unthinkable

Hats off to Akshay Kumar. I consider him to be the one and only Bollywood star who believes in possessing a natural and healthy body. In one of his interview to a local newspaper he says, “All that is shown on screen might not be real either. I don’t endorse these six packs or eight pack abs. I believe in the natural way of maintaining a good body.”

He also added, “The person should also care about his health and future as well. A lot of people depend on products that may give them a good feeling about their bodies for few days, but the long term effect is dangerous to their body. “

I believe to be more specific when Akshay says about products he apparently means steroids. The feel good factor I suppose derives only by performance enhancing drugs rather than supplements. It can rarely occur in supplements. Moreover, performance enhancing drugs provide immediate results; whereas, supplements rarely offer that.

In fact Akshay has done the unthinkable. He has shown the guts to speak against the whole system—Bollywood. Apparently so, for almost all the superstars and stars who dare to pose a six pack are using steroids. Have no doubt about that.

Many people are dwelling in an illusion and chasing these superstars to derive a physique like their onscreen heroes. It does come with a cost I suppose. Moreover, I always thought projecting a fit and healthy physique is what matters. However, the present generation falls for instant gratification. They say, “Whether your health is good or not, you have to possess a shredded body.” To build a massive yet shredded physique (A massive yet shredded physique is an oxymoron, for that rarely occurs, as you can either build a shredded physique or a massive body) these men are ready to tread on any path.

Life I believe is a marathon. Though it’s a cliché it still holds true—Slow and steady wins the race. Your body is like a temple. You don’t have the right to abuse it. Treat it with care. It will last for a longtime.

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