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All Geared Up.

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • December 3, 2010

Tomorrow the 4th of December at 6:30 a.m, we are conducting a competition which includes tug of war and rugby. Tomorrow’s match will be a shakedown for the final match which will be held on December 11th. The match as I had stated earlier is between the morning batch and evening batch of our gym members. Truly speaking, I have never seen such intensity. All of them are fired up to give their best, and I believe you will not see this kind of intensity even among our national cricket players. I have changed the training regime of the individuals who are all included in the rugby team. The workouts are all based more on endurance, for I want all the members to sustain the grueling, as the duration for all the three rugby matches (best of three) will be 45 minutes to 1 hour. So, you see for an athlete to be at his best for the said duration, he should be in top condition. In addition, rugby game also requires the athlete to not only be well conditioned but also be explosive, as the game involves short burst of all out running.
All members who are in the team are requested today to eat lot of carbohydrates, for that will help you all in supplying the much required energy which is needed for tomorrow’s match. I wish good luck for both the teams.

PS: All morning batch team members should wear white T-shirts and evening batch black ones. Venue of the match will be Ambedkar stadium.

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  1. and alas i’m not there!! this dirty work life really robs off the fun in life.
    anyway.. all the best to all ppl.. 🙂
    morning batch, rock the ground!!

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