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Allow Me To Shout Out Loud The Negative Effects Of Alcohol.

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • April 12, 2011

Since alcohol is a toxin (poison), a host of physical abnormalities can arise. These abnormalities can reduce your strength, endurance, recovery capabilities, aerobic capacity, ability to metabolize fat, and muscle growth.

Alcohol can also affect your nervous system and brain. With long-term alcohol use, a severe deterioration of your central nervous system is possible. With short-term use, nerve-muscle interaction can be reduced, resulting in a loss of strength.

Other dangerous effects include reduced eye-hand coordination and balance, longer periods required for recovery, and less efficient healing of injuries. Alcohol has been responsible for a number of sexual dysfunctions including loss of libido, reduced sperm formation, menstrual irregularities, and shrinkage of sexual organs.

When alcohol reaches the muscle cells, it can cause damage to them. An inflammation of the muscle cells is common among alcohol users. When alcohol consumption is practiced for a longtime, some of the damaged cells can die, resulting in less functional muscle contractions. In any event, the alcohol will leave you with more muscle soreness following training, thereby requiring additional time for recuperation.

Alcohol’s effects on the heart and circulatory systems are numerous. You can experience a reduction in your endurance capacities when you drink alcohol, especially in large quantities. When consuming alcoholic beverages your heat loss increases, because alcohol stimulates your blood vessels to dilate. This heart loss can cause your muscles to get cold and, as a result, become slower and weaker during contractions.

As you can see, the shortcomings of consuming alcohol are several. Nonetheless, alcohol abuse is prevalent and it will continue to severely damage the wellbeing of many individuals.

PS: The above quoted facts are extracted from the text book of International sports sciences association (ISSA) from where I am proudly certified as a fitness trainer.

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