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Am I Speaking Nonsense?

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • May 5, 2011

Well, as I think my primary audience is my gym clients the main purpose of me blogging is for them to understand about fitness and nutrition.  In addition, I have also observed that I like communicating through my writing than speaking it loud.  I honestly feel that I can communicate better that way.  That being said, I stressed the importance of a training log.  But it is sad to say that even after I emphasizing the importance of the above mentioned training component, none of my gym clients seem not to take my words seriously, whatsoever.  For, I have received a poor response, as none have turned up with their training book to jot down their workouts in the gym.  I am late in emphasizing the importance of a journal, but I am not afraid to declare it now.  Look, I have learnt many aspects regarding fitness over the years, and many of the ideas I have implemented and the majority of them I have discarded because they were utter nonsense.

Many of the ideas which I found out to be useless were learnt the hard way, for I considered myself as a guinea pig and experimented on them and when I failed miserably I abandoned them.  So, if I am suggesting some or the other thing regarding leading a fitness lifestyle it is with outmost conviction I am doing that and not to flatter you.

PS:  I have personally jotted my workouts perhaps not on a regular basis.  But the more I learn and experience as a fitness coach the more I am sensing the importance of maintaining a training journal.


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