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An All-encompassing Quote.

“If you woke up your dog up in the morning and forced him to drink a cup of coffee, eat a couple of donuts and then smoke a cigarette-they’d have you arrested for animal abuse.” Jack LaLanne.

Jack LaLanne’s above quote made me laugh when I read it for the first time. I pondered on the above quote and then realized that most of the people fare worse than what is said above.

Though the mention of coffee, donut, and cigarette are stated in the above quote, I feel that Jack LaLanne would have invariably meant that all the junk should be eliminated for better health and longevity. Instead what do you do? You indulge in eating all the unwanted food, beverages, dessert, etc.

Our bodies are not meant to eat the processed food which is being very well marketed. All unnatural methods are used to increase the shelf life of the packaged food. In addition, the processed food has an inflammatory effect on the human body thus making us more vulnerable to diseases. Well, eating all the right food stuffs itself has many pitfalls. Most of the fruits we eat contain huge amount of pesticides. The vegetables and greens that we consume are grown in very unfavorable conditions. The fish we eat is contaminated by mercury and led, which leads to serious health problems. So, consuming food that is supposed to be healthy is itself perilous.

But you want to cause more trouble to your body by consuming all the wrong food. It is time you stopped eating all the junk. For example, the soft drink you consume contains loads of sugar, artificial sweeteners, many unwanted acids, and last but not the least carbon dioxide. Now, why the hell do you need carbon dioxide? It is a waste product exhaled by human beings. WE DON’T NEED CARBONDIOXIDE. PERIOD.

Well, I can go on explaining why each and every packaged food is bad for health, but I suppose that is beyond the scope of this blog entry. But if you are interested I will try explaining each of their pitfalls one at a time.

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