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An Endomorph

Since many guys enroll in a gym to lose fat, I will first and foremost explain what body type they belong: the endomorphic body type. The endomorphic body type is considered to be the least desirable of all the three major body types. They have an extremely difficult time shedding body fat and gain weight rather easily. They have round physiques and sluggish metabolism adding to their woes. In otherwords, they are genetically predisposed to gain weight from the word go. William Sheldon, a psychologist, not only spoke about physical attributes but also observed about their temperament. According to Sheldon, endomorphs typically have more jovial, easygoing personalities.

However it should be known that gaining lean muscle is relatively easy for endomorphs. Taking this into account, an endomorph should lift heavy weights to build lean muscle, for it revs up the metabolism. Also, they have to perform a lot of cardio work than compared to other body types. Ironically, these body types don’t like any kind off physical activity.

Moreover, interestingly, endomorphs are foodies. That makes the job of shedding body fat to be an extremely difficult task. In fact, they have a herculean task in battling their demons. They have to go against their will: to be physically active and make healthy nutritional choices.

These body types are forced to lead a fitness lifestyle. If you are an endomorph embrace physical activity, and you will never regret it.

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  1. Aahh… So, the problem begins here. Taming body muscles can be done by regular physical activity and restructuring the food habits. Looking forward to know about the other two types and then I shall categorize myself into one of the three types! 🙂

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