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An Epilogue to the Tracy Ryan’s Story

I am not the one who can be assuaged by running alone as a physical exercise. I also believe that it is the same with many of you. Otherwise, all we would have seen is only running and running as a means to be physical active. There would be no scope for other physical activities like swimming, martial arts, dance, gym, etc. Moreover, man is highly adaptable and it is required to challenge him both physically and mentally on a consistent basis.

So, we require different disciplines that fulfill our complex needs. For example, now lifting weights and calisthenics intrigues me. I am, however, open to learn other disciplines and subsequently be challenged. On a similar note, if you look back at human beings, you will see that from being a hunter gatherer he began cultivation. The story proceeds where man continued learning and adapting by storing and cooking food and domesticating animals.

As an epilogue to the story of Tracy Ryan where she lost oodles of weight by running, I would like to reiterate that running alone cannot satisfy my need. Imagine that I am overweight by 50 kilograms. I would have tried to lose the weight by performing different disciplines rather than sticking to running alone. However, there is no pun intended towards running as a tool to lose weight.

Man is a complex being, and I believe he thrives on complexity rather than clarity.

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