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An Inspiring Story

This is an inspiring story of Tracy Ryan that was published in the Women’s running community. It subsequently came up in Facebook. You can also look at the before and after picture of Tracy. Losing 100 pounds in 1 year is commendable.

I want to say that you have to pick your passion to excel. Ross Enamait says, “When it comes to maximizing potential, passion is an absolute must.” Passion cannot be faked. If you think running helps you to lose fat you have just do it consistently. If you think practicing martial arts can help you to lose fat then so be it. Likewise, over a period of time your passion might change. You might pick up a different discipline altogether. Fair enough! I believe what matters is being consistently passionate. Period!

Tracy Says………….

“A few years ago I took a year out of my life to extend it by many years. I was 29 years old and determined to get healthy. I lost 200 lbs in one year, running each step of the way and eating a vegan diet. I have now completed 6 half marathons and will be completing my first marathon at the end of this month. I am NOT a “good” runner and I’m followed by the sag wagon at many events. But I am out there and doing it. I highly recommend you to never get discouraged and realize that every step you take is one more than those sitting on the couch.”

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  1. Superb commitment… when going becomes tough.. tough gets going.. she is one among them..
    Thanks for posting sir..

    Warm regards,

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