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An Interesting Thought for the Day

This Facebook entry made me to think. I have met countless men and women who have come to me with very very big dreams. Most of them wanted to lose weight. Unfortunately, a handful of them have thrived. Those men and women who stayed had it in them to go the distance. And the remaining lot, well, it is gabbling they do. Moreover, they are fooling themselves–regretting.

The irony is that these men who come with loads of promises and ambitions I believe live in an illusion. The illusion is created by these supplement companies and weight loss centers. These men would have heard fascinating stories of weight loss in a short time. It is definitely heartening to know. You don’t have to worry lest you have to arduously workout in the gym. Ha! You don’t want to be in that dire predicament. Isn’t that fascinating to know? Indeed ironically yes. The real journey, however, has, so called several pitfalls. You are supposed to tread forth and not succumb, and not find excuses to embrace shortcuts.

The fat loss supplement I prescribe is difficult. You are supposed to come to the gym regularly. You are supposed to eat healthy. You have to toil in the gym. Alas! Most of them don’t want to consume this fat loss supplement. Many say, “Who the hell will take so much pain?”

Well, as said in this poster, you should look back and ask why you started the journey. I believe many of you will be lost with no answer, whatsoever. Reality bites my friends. I also believe that you will not give a damn to even think about it. In that case, you are a loser. Pathetic isn’t it?

never give up

5 thoughts on “An Interesting Thought for the Day

  1. So true! In my profession, I really identify with this! Lost track of the countless people who come to me and say “How can I lose weight without dieting” I’ve tried a range of answers but a friend suggested I should ask them to give photoshop a try! Maybe I’ll do that next time. Apparently dieting and eating healthy aren’t the same thing to some folks 🙂

  2. Sir,

    Again this makes me ask you the question which i asked earlier.. the question being how to increase persistence..?

    Errors, getting carried away by illusions is human.. persistence towards the reality is what brings us back to focus..

    Working on persistence can be value added service from Iron cult.. 😉

    Would like to hear moe from you on this..

    Again a impeccable post.. thank u.

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