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An Interrogation File

I bring to you an interrogation file of one of my gym clients, Raghavendra M.S. If you can read the below lines, you will know the importance of functional training, which is the subject of discussion. Moreover, I will once again congratulate Raghavendra for his win.

Q) Can you introduce yourself?

A) Hi, I am Raghavendra M.S. I am working as a software engineer at Mphasis. I am also strength training at Ironcult for more than 6 years.

Q) What was the competition?

A) Fist of Fury a.k.a. Arm wrestling(a yearly event held at our company)

Q) How many competitors?

A) There were around 80 competitors.

Q) What was your placing?

A) I stood first.

Q) Why do you think you won?

A) It was a fine example of the benefits of strength/functional training versus bodybuilding. In the final match, I competed against an individual who trained in the bodybuilding style, for when I spoke to him he stated that he trained in that fashion. His bulging bicep substantiated that. But I inherently felt that I had an upper hand, for I knew that I was stronger than him—functional training.
Also, it was about concentration, mental strength. And the tips that you, Vishwanthar, provided. All in all, functional training clearly wins the race. I am happy that I train functional movements at Ironcult.

Q) What do you want to say about other contenders?

A) It was really nice to see many of them competing, and nice to see them with their bulging biceps. Moreover, they were all garbed in tight T-shirts to accentuate their muscles. Jokes apart… Lastly, it was functional training emerging as a true winner.

PS: Don’t be of the idea that functional training will not build muscle but only strength. I very well know that functional training can also build muscle fast. It would depend on how solidly your diet is supporting your cause. If you see in the picture, you will see a lean Raghavendra just because he is always short of protein, but he is a pretty strong man, at the least,–functional training.

Enjoy the pictures and watch the video. In the video, you will Ross Enamait performing functional exercises. However, you will also see a muscle monster in him. So, it is not only strength but also functional muscle mass.

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