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An Outright Contradiction

Well, I stumble upon a clear-cut self-contradictory study.    They claim that exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight.  They refer to more than sixty scientific studies which endorse the same—”exercise is pretty useless to weight loss.”    They state about resting metabolic rate being the primary reason for a person’s calorie requirement.  Moreover they state that the vast majority of energy or calories you burn come from your resting metabolic rate over which you have little control.  The first contradiction right?

You should know that the more muscle mass you possess it increases your resting metabolic rate. So, when they study says that you have little control over your resting metabolic rate, it’s a white lie.  Resistance training is one of the best means to increase your muscle mass, for what type of exercise you choose to alter your metabolic rate really matters.  Lift the damn iron and worry less about your resting metabolic rate!

Secondly, they say that a 200 pound man ran for an hour four days a week for a month, and he would lose about 5 pounds at most assuming everything else stays the same and everything else doesn’t stay the same.  Isn’t losing five pounds a good achievement?  Perhaps, they found a way to lose 50 pounds in one month.  Ha!   However, what do they mean when they say, “everything else remains the same and everything else doesn’t stay the same”?  I am at loss of words.

The study also says that some people slow down after workout.  Perhaps, it’s true when you work out and push your body to the limit, you might feel like slowing down.  On the contrary, exercise is very refreshing and invigorating.   Moreover, I hear from several of my gym clients that the workout they perform at the gym actually helps them to stay active the whole day.

Lastly, the study also refers to tribal people at savannah and the energy expenditure.  They claim that though the tribal people possess a physically active lifestyle they weren’t burning any more calories than the adult in the US and Europe.  On the contrary, tribal people are known to walk and run tirelessly.  I really don’t know when they say that they burn the same amount of calories as in US or Europe.  How did they stay slim?  The study says “they don’t overeat.”  The reasoning that they don’t overeat is true but, at the same time, what does go hand in hand with less eating is the enormous physical activity they perform day in and day out.

Last but not the least, I can find ambiguity in every sentence they speak.  However, it’s beyond this blog’s scope to show that.  If you don’t believe me, please listen to them twice and see how they score their own goal.

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