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An Oxymoronic Story

A close friend of mine asked to meet me after a long time.  Since he resides at a far off area from the gym he cannot frequent Ironcult.  However, he claims to workout in a gym, near his vicinity.   Moreover, his business partner also came along with him.  The business partner doubted some report that was provided to him in the gym.  Apparently, the business partner, the business partner’s wife and my friend frequent the same gym.

The business partner of my friend is a fit and a healthy man, for he eats healthy and is working out from a very long time.  He is also lean and carries a decent amount of muscle mass.   An introductory offer in the gym was provided to the business partner and his wife.  He was screened on a machine that stated his body statistics.  Well, unfortunately, the machine suggested that his body fat percent was high.  Visibly depressed, he asked my opinion on these findings.

I stated to him not to believe these findings.  Why? Here was a lean and fit man with a report, body mass index, which suggested that he is almost obese.  Well, nothing can be farther from the truth.  However, I explained to him that the findings were wrong and that he had nothing to worry.

All along this conversation the friend of mine was keenly listening to me.  Thereafter, he came up with some questions about healthy eating and cholesterol.  I suggested my views and also narrated the science behind my perspective.  I sincerely thought that it convinced him, for he left me with a happy face.

Well, well, well!  That’s not the end of story.  They both took leave and drove their respective vehicles.  However, my friend’s vehicle didn’t move for few more minutes, for I saw his car parked outside my house.  In the meantime, I took my dog for a last walk after we met at approximately 9:30 p.m. since it was nearing my bedtime.  I peeped inside the car window where my friend was seated.  What did I see?  I saw him with a cigarette in his mouth, which he was about to light.  That shook me.

A man comes to me and asks many aspects about his health and well-being.  I see the motivation and support him with my positive views about a healthy lifestyle.  Thereupon, after listening to my honest views, what does he do?  He not only smokes a cigarette but also gravely fails himself.  That hit me hard, for it showed his laxity.  Moreover, it shows that he has taken my intent for granted.  Isn’t the story a contradiction?

Do you want to join a gym, yoga, martial arts, swimming, running, etc?  It’s not only about showing up every day in the class but the physical activity also demands you to change your lifestyle for the better.  Don’t feel great about your physical prowess, but also be heedful about other aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating, abstinence from cigarettes, and not consuming excess alcohol.  They all go hand in hand.  You should not take care of one aspect and neglect the other.



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