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An Unhealthy Recipe

I met an old friend a few days ago. He said that I had lost weight and asked me the reason. I said to him that I am experimenting on a dieting methodology-The Paleo diet. I continued to say that I have forbid carbohydrates from whole grains for the time being. In other words, I am not consuming rice, wheat, or ragi. He asks me, “Why the hell you do this?” “You have a small life ahead of you, so you should enjoy eating all the stuff.”

What, on the flipside, I see is a fat slob that indicates excess intake of unwanted calories, plump cheeks that suggest a sign of extreme booze and black lips that show a sign of smoking cigarettes. All in all what I saw is a combination of the entire deadly and slow killing recipe to death. The irony, however, is that he says to me to get fat. In other words, he suggests me that getting fat is a sign of being healthy—sign of prosperity, perhaps.

I didn’t say anything to him. What do you expect? I cannot utter a word to such fools. Moreover, I don’t think being lean and fit is unhealthy. You are, however, unhealthy if you are carrying excess fat and, importantly, not exercising.

I stumbled upon this message in Facebook. At this context, the wordings in the exhibit aptly apply to my old friend. If I am correct many of you are following the same lifestyle. If you do so, do at your peril. It is a blatant abuse of your body. The onslaught of these unhealthy habits over a prolonged period of time can cause unnoticed havoc. Beware! And beware before it is late.


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