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It’s been two years since I started animal flow. I had not heard of it much before but listened to a great deal from my gym colleagues just before I started, especially those peeved from aching backs. Many colleagues claimed that their back pain reduced and was much more manageable. I had a long history of back pain for decades. I wanted to give a try. So I enlisted to the Animal Flow sessions at Iron Cult. I approached the sessions cautious enough. Prasad took me through the progressions gradually, thanks to him. After a few sessions, I began to notice the difference that the new type of stimulus that the movements gave to my body and the difference it made. My frequent flareups reduced, the pain intensity became manageable. The sessions are very intense, and my cardio-vascular endurance and my muscular endurance hit a new height. Two birds hit with a single stone!! The animal flow is a balanced conglomerate comprising of core activation, various animal moves (flow) and animal walks. To summarize, Animal Flow has been like a godsend boon for my nagging backache and also keeping myself fit. I would recommend this program to anyone who not only are afflicted by back ailments but also as a form of improving their fitness. They could include this program in their training arsenal.

– Chaitra

It might look easy but it certainly is not. Animal Flow can be strenuous and demanding but only if you flow against the current, learning to flow with it and control the animal is the concept of animal flow. Having practiced Animal flow before and after a shoulder injury I can say this is a great way to build your core and keep your entire body flowing. This isnt a great way to lose fat or get shredded but is an incredible way to gain control over your entire body, not just strength but balance and patience and discipline. Animal flow has a slow and steep learning curve, one that can be climbed easily with the guidance of the trainer, Prasad, here at Iron cult.

– Vikas

I am a person with severe back problems and working out in a Gym was a far-fetched dream, until I came across IRON CULT’s Friday drill and a very enthusiastic coach Mr. Vishwanathar. Joining IRON CULT was the best decision for my fitness goals… Vishwanathar Sir assessed my body and health conditions and introduced me to ANIMAL FLOW which was mentored and trained by an excellent trainer Mr. Shivprasad. Animal flow is basically a ground-based workout. It helped strengthen my core and improve my flexibility in a great way. Mr. Shivprasad is a certified trainer in Animal flow and has added many unique movements to help build a strong core. With severe lower back pain, I doubted myself doing such movements. However, the training was so well planned that my lower back strengthened gradually and now I do the flows with great ease, enthu, and energy. People with the lower back problems must and should give it a try to see the results. I was 103 when I joined here, with 3 days of Animal Flow and 3 s of weight training, and with the prescribed diet I lost 17 kgs in 3 months…

– Umashankar