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Another Nugget From A Super Strongman.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • April 26, 2011

Thomas inch was a former British champion prior to the First world war.  He held the titles of Britain’s strongest youth and Britain’s strongest man.  Many of his ideas are now  enounced as being ahead of his time. He says, “Gradual progression was one of my secrets of success, introducing system a method into my activities.  That will always beat slipshod, unthinking ways of working.” He invariably meant that  a steady progression is the way to get stronger.  Your body becomes efficient at what is given to it, so what do you think is the way out? Progressive resistance.   The body adapts to exercise very soon, and has to be constantly challenged in order to grow and change.

Today’s post is in the same-lines to what I wrote yesterday about Doug Hepburn’s quote, but the subtle difference between the two posts is that though progressive resistance is a necessity to grow, and yet at the same time progression should not be in a haphazard fashion and thus not forced upon.

It should be known that progressive resistance as we all think is not a breakthrough presented by today’s experts alone but expressed by real strength athletes many decades ago.

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