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Answering A Query

A gym client of mine asked me an opinion after watching a video demonstration of performing various ballistic pushup movements. He says, “Don’t you think they are gifted? For not all people can display such strength and physical ability. On a similar note, since Ross also performs such movements I posed my question to him. I have presented the QUESTION and ANSWER verbatim.

I asked him, “Ross, one of my gym clients who saw your video clip said that you are genetically gifted man. For example, the triple clap pushup, he says that it cannot be performed by all. He also mentioned few more movements which he feels are out of the world. I stated to them that they cannot downplay the constant practice, persistence, and hard work you have put in. However, I wanted to know your opinion on this.”

Ross replied and said, “Most people come to such conclusions without ever having trained for the exercises that they speak about. I’ve had countless athletes progress to triple clap pushups. The exercise isn’t that difficult actually. I have a tutorial on my site detailing the steps.”

“It all boils down to consistent practice with intelligently selected progressions.”

Well, I cannot boast of performing such ballistic movements. However, some of my clients when they watch me perform an abs rollout have said that it is an impossible feat which they can’t perform. All I can say is that it took me several months of practice to perform the movement. As Ross states, more importantly, consistent practice and intelligent selected progression is paramount.

PS: An intelligent progression is quite important, for haphazard practice of a movement day in and day out can lead debilitating injuries.

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