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Are You Ambitious?

Do you want to thrive in your business venture? Do you want to outrun your fellow employees at your work place? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder soon? Well! It all boils down to one basic question that is relevant. Do you want to be successful? I know that stereotyping success is foolhardy. However, generally, when you see people grow from point A to point B you call it success. To be successful you need to be ambitious, and to be ambitious you need to think positive; similarly, you cannot expect great results from a depressed mind; likewise, to be positive you need to possess a healthy mind. And a healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body. A healthy body is attained by physical exercise only. Don’t you believe me? Look what Frank Forencich, an internationally-recognized leader in health education and performance training, states.

Forencich in his book Change your body change the world: Reflections on Health and Human Predicament says, “Do some vigorous movement for a few weeks and you’ll enjoy an elevated mood and improved cognitive function. In turn, your elevated outlook will give you the incentive to pursue more ambitious challenges. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll want to get out explore and engage the world.”

I believe you will heed to Frank’s advice. Moreover, you have several options at your disposal to fulfill your need. You can run, hit a gym, join yoga classes, swim, bicycle, walk long distances, join martial arts classes, etc. My recommendation is perform the exercise that you like. You have to think in the long term.

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