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Are You Different?

I believe we uphold similar thoughts and ideas of what is portrayed in the video. As expressed in the Cross Fit video, you will also find that Ironcult isn’t fancy, it has no television sets, we almost know each other’s name, we all want to beat the best, and what we all feared once we all embrace it now.

In addition, we are never afraid to learn and experiment. Most of my gym clients are ever eager to demonstrate what they really are, for Ironcult signifies an Iron Will. And, since our gym is different from other gyms we all are different. So, I am different because of my gym.

I thank Cross Fit for presenting a reassuring commercial.

Do you think you are different because you are with Ironcult?

8 thoughts on “Are You Different?

  1. Seriously my GYM is totally different:-)
    Before joining the IRON CULT, I had joined a fancy gym which got closed 3-4days after I joined.
    After joining IRON CULT I had this feeling that this gym looks very ancient all the instruments bear a nostalgic look, there is hardly anyone who touches the treadmill. I kept wondering how come all these people know each other?
    I even asked my old friend Suraj about it a coule of times (yen maga nim gymu zamana thara idey –he kept replying like a great person of few words HEY HE HU )
    Now I have realizing the pessimism in me, which stopped me from looking at the sunny side of this GYM.
    Now I can proudly say that my gym is DIFFERENT.

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