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Are You Doing This?

Josh in the book Fat Loss Happens On Monday states that there are three things we need in a good nutrition program.

1 More protein than the average person eats.

2 Fewer calories than the average person eats

3 Better quality of carbohydrates and fat than the average person eats

I believe, generally, an eating plan sums up to this.  However, my question is does the average person consume protein at all?  Moreover, I don’t believe we should consider the average man as a bench mark.  Primarily, he wouldn’t be consuming protein as a nourishing nutrient; rather, he considers it as a treat to his taste buds.  So, an occasional binge of protein in its most unhealthy form—greasy and deep fried would be his indulgence.  Considering this, I would say frequent protein intake in every meal should be the primary focus in a good nutrition program.

Nonetheless, the 2nd and 3rd point is undeniable.     On a similar note, several of my gym clients frequent and ask me about a diet plan.  They want a concrete formula from me that is written in stone.   Moreover, adding to the turmoil, on the flipside, I know that there are several kinds of diet protocols.  For example, the primal way of eating.  However, the primal way of eating can be an extremely demanding task, psychologically.  So, I believe if you stick to the above needs you might lose oodles of fat and gain lean muscle.

Perhaps, when you are not satisfied with the above rules and if you think you have all the resources—time, money, and patience you can adhere to any rigorous diet plan.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to perform physical exercise.  It is the precursor you need.

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