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Are You Speeding Up Things?

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • November 12, 2014

I always thought speeding was good; for example, to be on time. Importantly, expecting others to be on time for I being punctual. Off late, however, I realized that this might not be correct. It is okay to be late. It is okay if others are late too. It is not the end of life. Frustrating on small things is needless. However, as they say old habits die hard. For I still find myself trying to speed things. Nonetheless, I am glad that I find the statement by Frank which corroborates my newly found opinion.

The excerpt from the book titled Beautiful Practice by Frank Forencich.

“First, slow down. Speed is a sensation killer. Busyness makes us blind to nuance and subtlety. The harder we push into the future, the more we abandon the sensory experience of the present. Hurrying forces our body into a sort of sensory triage; we only pay attention to those qualities that are essential to the task at hand. In a sense, the faster we go, the dumber we get.”

Please note that I am merely generalizing the topic. To be on time will be an important factor especially at work places where there is no scope for delay. However, decreasing the speed in other walks of life can be applied to enjoy the present moment; instead of complaining on lateness. Moreover, as Forencich says you might also look like a “dumber.”

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