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Attending Ulrik Larsen’s Worskhop

I am so excited to talk about the workshop.  Ulrik Larsen, famously known as the rehab trainer, conducted a priceless 3 day workshop in Bangalore.  The workshop took place in Koramangala at a local gym.  Well, the gym wasn’t topnotch, but the workshop was—in every sense.  I can clearly say that this workshop is one of the best which I attended.  A quick glance at the website,, particularly at the testimonials speaks volume about the world class courses.  Several well-known names in the fitness field endorse the workshop and the courses that are offered.

Unmatched excellence

The information presented on biomechanical injuries were eye-opening.  For example, how great a lesser known muscle, the tensor fascia latae (TFL) plays an important role in knee health, and how pectoral minor plays a major role in the shoulder health.  Importantly, cutting edge information was provided on treating injuries which are not pathological and usually come under low risk.  How the myofascia can play an all important role in most of the sports injuries.   Similarly, Ulrik’s view on ass to grass (ATG) squats, bench press, overhead press, Olympic Snatch, breathing, etc, were valuable, and I treasure them the most.  Not only a sports physiotherapist was speaking here but also a man who had garnered great wisdom through immense practical approach.  The greatness of him was known when he said, “If you come across a better approach than what I teach then you should readily accept that.”

On the flipside, coaches and trainers always state their way and approach to be the best, the only way, but you rarely come across one who says contrarily.  The fact that he is open to new ideas is straightforward to me.   We have to tread the same path for a better understanding, and not allow our ego to rule us.

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